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Created by guitarist Gui Calegari  (ex-Inrage), Venomous had been working relentlessly since establishing its formation in 2016 with Tigas Pereira (vocals, ex-Hollow Head and Darrua), Ivan Landgraf (guitar), Alexandre Bonal (bass) and Lucas Prado (drums, Jugger).

Tigas Pereira explains that the band's name expresses duality and had no connection with Venom, which was formed on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and was a Black Metal pioneer. "We are aware of the importance and how much of a reference Venom is to a lot of bands. In our case, the venom means death as much as cure, duality which is assessed by the band on its lyrics and songwriting."

Aiming to create a heavy, aggressive, instigating and melodic sound, the five-piece mixed references from Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Megadeth and Slayer with the classic approach of Dio, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Furthermore, the passages of Brazilian regional music brings the band from Sao Paulo closer to the work developed for decades by Angra, Sepultura and Overdose, three great representatives of Brazilian metal. "The song 'Green Hell', in our debut album has a lot of inspiration from Brazilian rhythms", observed guitarist Ivan Landgraf. "It talks about Portuguese colonization in Brazil and how it left us a blood heritage, where the old oligarchy still rules and in which governments are toppled, but we are still ruled by gold", added Pereira.

Watch the live video for "Green Hell":

Thus, the musicians managed to create a sound with their personality, shown in the debut album "Defiant", released independently in all digital platforms and in physical format (CD) in the beginning of 2018. "The song 'A New Beginning' was the first one to be effectively finished by the band, marking the beginning of our sound development, combining the heavy tones while varying ambience and rhythms", explained guitarist Gui Calegari. "The lyrics on this track, which was released as video, assesses how our attachment to material things deviate us from human feelings concerning other people, leadings us to live an empty life full of hard feelings. However, there's still hope of changing these disastrous future if we believe in our dreams and in other people", added Tigas Pereira, the lyric writer.

Check out the video for "A New Beginning":

"Within The Silence", which explores harmony variations and blends aggressive and melodic pickings developed with the drums rhythms, was another track released on video. "The main theme is the view of our life as clogs in a big machine called system. Only getting inside the silence of our own mind is possible to abandon all limiting beliefs and break this wheel that attach us to the machine", clears Tigas about the concept.

Watch the video for "Within Silence":

"I Pray as I Prey", single released as lyric video uses wordplay, melodic riffing, plus heavy and mid-tempo rhythm section to represent how overblown fanaticism, individual and group, affects everyone's life and environment. "Starting with the context of Roman Emperor Constantine in 333 AC, the lyric also talks about the horror and ignorance at the time of the Crusades and Inquisition and draws a parallel with current terrorist attacks that also use religious context to justify 'holy war'", revealed bassist Bonal.

Watch the lyric video for "I Pray as I Prey":

The release show for "Defiant" happened in May with Polish band Vader, followed by a tour throughout the state of Sao Paulo with dates in Sao Paulo, Campinas, Sao Jose dos Campos, Santos and other cities in the countryside. The band then went to Europe playing in Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Poland and Czech Republic. "In a 4 thousand kilometers route on the European roads, we passed through places like the famous The Cave in Amsterdam (NE) and the Motor Rock Pub in Slupsk (POL), which staged gigs by great bands like Vader itself", observed drummer Lucas Prado.

After the successful European tour, the band went on with the Defiant Tour to Botucatu (SP), playing in the Rock's Worldwide Weekend with Claustrofobia and Woslom. It may seem little time on the road but working with focus, effort and speed is not a problem to Venomous which continued touring opening for Ukrainians, Jinjer in Limeira (SP) in December 2018. At that time, the group officially released its new single "Penitence", which is already part of the playlist "Metal Brasuca" at CD Baby on Spotify. Furthermore, the band was included in the cast of "Sampa Rock Birthday Party" festival an event organized with help from Sao Paulo City and held on January 25th, 2019 at the front entrance of legendary Woodstock Records Store.

"Defiant" keeps getting good feedback from public and media with positive reviews in sites and in Roadie Crew magazine, plus spotlights in shows like "Pegadas de Andreas Kisser" (89FM Radio), Backstage (Kiss FM) and "É Noize". The record was among the 20 greatest domestic metal releases in 2018 by Roadie Crew in its edition #240 (January, 2019) and the band is listed in many individual categories in end of the year best-of lists according to magazine readers.

After playing along foreign groups like Vader and Jinjer and performing in Brazil and Europe, Venomous showed its fire power with the live video of "Green Hell". Besides working in layers based on Death Metal, with hints of Trad Metal and Thrash, the song has another side of the group. "'Green Hell" in our debut album has a lot of inspiration from Brazilian rhythms", observed guitarist Ivan Landgraf. "It talks about Portuguese colonization in Brazil and how it left us a blood heritage, where the old oligarchy still rules and in which governments are toppled, but we are still ruled by gold", added Pereira.

Watch "Green Hell" live video recorded at Manifesto Bar (SP/BRA) and produced by Eduardo Crescenzi:

Following that, Venomous released its new single, "Black Embrace" which brought new sounds. It was recorded at Dual Noise studio in Sao Paulo and produced by renowned Rogério Wecko and the band, marking the debut of bassist Renato Castro. "He brought lots of heaviness, experience and personality, beginning a new era in the band", analyzed Gui Calegari. "'Black Embrace' started with the idea of doing something new in our history. That's why we opted for the seven string guitar. We wanted to tell a story through the instruments and, as usual, we brought a lot of melody. However, as we had heavier tones to work with, we focused in creating brutal riffs", detailed the guitarist.

Listen to the single "Black Embrace":

"Black Embrace" is part of the track list from the followed up to "Defiant" (2018), which will be released in the second half of 2019. "We brought references never used in the band, like using seven strings guitars for the first time. It has a bit of everything we've done, but taking it to another level and exploring new sides that are on the second album", added Ivan Landgraf.

Furthermore, the five-piece caused bustle with the great repercussion of their version of "Nothing to Say", opening track from the classic Angra album, "Holy Land", released in 1996. Not only the cover has the band's Melodic Death Metal personality, it has guests such as vocalists May Puertas (Torture Squad) and Fernanda Lira (Nervosa) and guitarist Guilherme Mateus (Bruno Sutter). "The idea of this project came up when we decided to release a single ahead of the new album and we wanted to have some version of another song with it. When Calegari suggested this song, we had no doubt. It was a great challenge that we were willing to face and we are extremely happy with the result", said Landgraf.

Watch the video for the "Nothing to Say" version, produced by Caike Scheffer, with scenes from the recording occurred in Dual Noise studio (SP/BRA) with producer Rogério Wecko:

Although focused and working on their second album, the band keeps playing live. In June, it was one of the highlights opening for Cavalera and Korzus at Áudio (SP) and also playing at the Kryour record release party at Jai Club (SP). Now, besides the new record, the band is getting ready for the "Mega Rock" festival which will be held in July in Foz do Iguaçu, in the Brazilian state of Paraná: "A band's life has to be busy. The more commitments, the better! We are focused and want to show our value to the public," concludes Calegari.

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VENOMOUS - São Paulo (BRA):
Tigas Pereira (vocal)
Gui Calegari (guitar)
Ivan Landgraf (guitar)
Renato Castro (bass)
Lucas Prado (drums)
Defiant (CD, 2018)
Penitence (Single, 2018)
Black Embrace (Single, 2019)
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