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Changes create apprehension and expectancy, especially when it’s about a band changing its lead singer. However, what happened with King Bird in the beginning of 2014 after the departure of João Luiz (currently Casa das Máquinas and Golpe de Estado) and the coming of Ton Cremon was not only a change in the frontman position, but also in the musicality of the band from the city of São Paulo.
With spirit renewed, Ton Cremon (vocals), Silvio Lopes (guitar), Fábio Cesar (bass) and Marcelo Ladwig (drums) released in 2016 their third album, entitled “Got Newz”, produced by Henrique Baboom. “The idea is showing that the band renewed again. New singer and that same Seventies sound with a 21st century hue,” assess Silvio Lopes. “We thought about naming the record ‘ReBird’ but we thought the Angra guys would be upset because of their album ‘Rebirth’”, kids the guitarist.
The new album keeps their personality and the feet firmly planted in the Seventies music, but at the same time takes a step forward and explores other Hard Rock trends. Thus, although highlighting their influences of Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Foghat and Free, manages to create a link with Hard Rock from the 80s and 90s. Silvio Lopes is still playing riffs in the Blackmore and Iommi vein but also some slide guitar and flavor typical of bands like Whitesnake, Blue Murder and Gotthard. The track "The Road You Ride" has a guest appearance by Nando Fernandes, singing along Cremon and Rodrigo Hid at the Hammond, the latter also playing in "Years Gone By" and "Freeze Frame My Life".
The cover art was made by Emerson Russo, who had worked with the band in the second pressing of “Jaywalker” (2005), “Sunshine” (2008) and “Beyond the Rainbow” (EP, 2012). “Despite new elements we are still the old beer drinking rockers of always and we wanted to bring this atmosphere to whomever listens to the new record,” says bassist Fábio Cesar. “The idea was also playing with the image of a newspaper in the scene having news about things that surround us”, adds drummer Marcelo Ladwig.
The album was released at the end of May 2016 and had good reviews, figuring in best of the year lists in many media outlets in their home country and abroad. It figured in the Rock Hard magazine from Greece and Akademia Award from Los Angeles lists. "I'm happy and flattered in seeing my first studio work with King Bird getting international recognition. It's such a joy and happiness to be part of it as a band member and be able to contribute with the sound and quality of this new work", celebrated Cremon.
After the release, the group played a show at SESC Belenzinho (São Paulo) which yielded a live video for the track "Daybreak", produced by Cena 1 Productions and VB Photography, edited by Ricardo Uí Matta. Audio, mixing and mastering were made by the album's producer Henrique Baboom and Alessandro Kbral Morgado. "When we did the pre-launching to show Ton Cremon to the public, he was accepted immediately and the impact of "Daybreak" was beyond our expectations. This song is cementing the new era of the band", finished Fábio Cesar.
"Got Newz" is available in physical format (CD) and can also be found on digital platforms (Spotify) or bought from CD Baby. You can buy the CD at: and, distributed by Voice Music. Now, get in, make yourself comfortable, turn up the volume of "Got Newz" and have a cold one with King Bird.
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King Bird debut was in 2003 with the EP “The God’s Train”, which was well-received by important Brazilian media outlets like Rock Brigade, Roadie Crew and Whiplash! among others. Two years later, the debut album “Jaywalker” (Die Hard Records) came out, with songs that ran the gamut of Hard Rock to Southern Rock like "Down the Crossroads", "Old Jack" and "Mother Nature". The work had special guests like Marcelo Schevano (Carro Bomba), Heros Trench (Korzus) and the late great Hélcio Aguirra (Golpe de Estado). That same year, King Bird was considered as one of the greatest new acts in Brazilian Rock by the specialized media.
The band was on important events during the “Jaywalker” tour, like "Brazil Rock In Concert 2006",when they played with British band Uriah Heep at Canecão (Rio de Janeiro); Stage Diving Show festival in Presidente Prudente (SP) with Cólera, Scars and Exxótica; “Jaguariúna Rock Festival”, with Torture Squad and Shadowside; besides shows with Golpe de Estado, Tomada, Baranga and Carro Bomba.
In 2008, having built a good name around the scene was released the second album “Sunshine”. Heavier and denser, its highlights were tracks like "Getting Over My Faith", "Here Comes The Zeppelin", "Cross The Muddy River" and "Let The Rock Roll". It had special guests like Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Maurício Nogueira (Matanza), Silvio Golfetti and Heros Trench (Korzus). During the “Follow the Sun” tour, the band played in the traditional “Roça n’ Roll” (Varginha – MG), and shows and festivals like "Brazilian Rock Festival" (Três Pontas -­MG), "Rockland" (Matão-­SP), Ibira Moto Point (São Paulo­-SP), IV GP Cidade de São Paulo (Interlagos Speedway, São Paulo­-SP) and  Programa Kiss Club (radio Kiss FM), among others. Besides they had the supporting slot for legends like Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple).
Apart from the gigs, the band didn’t stop writing and in 2012 they released the four tracks EP, “Beyond the Rainbow”, whose title-track was written in honor of Ronnie James Dio (ELF, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven and Hell) who had passed away in May, 2010. The song was also released as a video, reassuring the influence of Dio, one of the greatest Rock/Metal singers in the world, in the sound of King Bird.
Renewed and more versatile, the band and will keep playing across the country promoting "Got Newz".
"The Gods' Train" (EP, 2003)
"Jaywalker" (2005)
"Sunshine" (2008)
"Beyond The Rainbow" (EP, 2012)
"Got Newz" (2016)

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