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Affront – Angry Voices

When M.Mictian bassist and founder of Black Metal band Unearthly created Affront in April 2016, he had in mind exploring his Thrash and Death Metal background. Thus, emerged a group that plays a fast and aggressive sound based in names like Sepultura, Sodom, Slyaer and Kreator, plus an Old School Death Metal punch. "Although similar, there are differences musically and lyrically. With Thrash and Death it is possible to have a broader scope and not deviate the style", points out M.Mictian. "Even before putting Unearthly on ice for a while, I had the idea of forming Affront. I spent 18n years playing Black Metal, and it was time to explore a new sound, do something new, walk different roads. I always listened to all kinds of Metal, so changing was not hard", he adds.

Joining M.Mictian are R.Rassan, Unearthly's guitarist and drummer Oman Oado. However, the debut album, "Angry Voices" was recorded by Jedy Najay. "Jedy is a great drummer and did a tremendous job in 'Angry Voices', but unfortunately had some family issues and had to leave the band", reveals the bassist/vocalist.

"Angry Voices" was released in Brazil by Cianeto Records and was produced by M. Mictian and R. Rassan with cover art by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Machine Head, Hatebreed, Borknagar, Soulfly, Dark Funeral and others) and is now available in Europe by French label PolyMorphe. "We're pretty happy. It's one more step ahead because PolyMorphe Record is doing a great job with advertising. We're getting great feedback and that's very important to the band", notes M. Mictian.

"Angry Voices" also has Marcello Pompeu (Korzus) guesting in "Under Siege", track with two versions on the record. "It's a crude Thrash/Death Metal about how the majority of people feel about their rulers and how safety is treated in poor communities. On the edge of town there's abuse of authority, aggression and loss of innocent lives", explains M.Mictian.

"Under Siege" video:

The first promo video was a lyric video for the opening track, "Scum of the World", that talks about politics and church, dealing with how you can get dirty money at any cost. The aggressive title-track talks about the hate and anger of personalities that afflict the world like politicians, dictators and their beliefs.

"Scum of the World" lyric video:

"Affront" the song that titles the band, assess those who feed from misery with greed, careless stepping over everyone. "As the great Ratos de Porao would say 'Decrepit Old People'… That’s the bottom line of this song and also of 'WarTime Conspiracy'", sums up M. Mictician. "In 'Conflicts', which has a video already, we talk about demonstrations against corrupt governments all over the world and people's ire with these power worms", he concludes.

"Conflicts" video:

M.Mictian recorded bass and native Brazilian instruments on instrumental "Terra Sem Males", a song that highlights the Guaranítica War. Violent conflicts that encompassed native Brazilians Guaranis against Spanish and Portuguese troops in Southern Brazil after the signing of the Madrid Treat, in January 13th, 1750. "There's another instrumental on the album, 'Echoes of Inasanity', with bass and acoustic guitars to express our vision of decadence, insanity and mankind madness."

"Mestre Barro", sung in Portuguese, is a great Thrash/Hardcore and talks about a sculptor from Pernambuco called Mestre Vitalino (1909-1963). "He was a popular Brazilian artist, considered one of the greatest in the history of clay art. His works are displayed in great Brazilian museums, plus the Museum of Popular Art in Vienna (Austria) and the Louvre in Paris", tells M.Mictian.

The band leader current moment in life is portrayed in "Carved In Stone". "It's the slowest and most morose track on the album. The theme is something personal about me being able to start again with a new band, a new work and face new challenges."

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